Privacy Policy

At Walletmix App, we highly regard your privacy and recognize its significance to our users. This Privacy Policy outlines the categories of information we gather through our mobile application and the manner in which we use that information.

Personal Information:
If you explicitly allow us, we may also acquire extra personal information, such as your location data, to provide personalized features within our application. We give utmost importance to the security and privacy of your personal information and have taken the necessary steps to protect it effectively.

In order to enable you to add contact information to our service, we require access to your contacts. When you grant us permission to access your contacts, we will only retrieve the contacts you choose to add to our app. We do not access or store any other contacts from your device. Your contact information may be utilized within the app for features such as adding it to your profile details in your account. This allows for seamless communication and uninterrupted service from the service provider's end.

To enable you to save data from our service on your device we may require access to your device's storage.

Aggregate Data:
In order to analyze usage patterns and improve our service, we may gather aggregate data, which includes information about the pages you visit.

Your personal information is not shared with third parties unless it is essential for delivering our services or legally mandated. By using our app, you indicate your consent to the collection and use of your information in accordance with the terms outlined in this privacy policy.